A monthly membership community that helps busy moms run a SIMPLE Online Business.

You will find 3 things all moms running online businesses need.....

1.  Accountability to stay focused and get stuff done

(My simple "Just 3" Method)

2.  Efficient to consume, simple to understand training on relevant topics
(this isn't just packaging what's in my brain and newsfeed this week and calling it a course)

3. Connections to your kind of women
(who might be potential prospects, future collaborators and for sure encouragers)

"Why are you now offering a membership, Lori?"
Right?  Memberships are heavy work and I don't recommend them to everyone.
But it's the right season for my business now.

Too often I hear from women I ADORE who have CRAZY GOOD talents and a CALLING to advance their business, that they can't afford to work one-on-one with me.   I wanted a way to provide guidance and share my tools that reaches my favorite group of women - moms who run online businesses.

But my plans are not for this to be thousands of women and I never get to know most of them.
That's also not the kind of business I want to run either.

I want to SERVE WELL and pour into an intimate community of women running online businesses AND prioritizing family.

Many other online business communities just don't account for what life as a working mom looks like.  It IS different.

We expect this to be a whole new experience for you.   
Yes, there is the (expected) portal full of online business resources. 
Yes, there is a private Facebook group with office hours for YOUR specific questions.  Personally answered.
But there's more.  Because we are here to disrupt some of the internet in a way that brings more value. 

We'd love for this to be the only place you have to look online to get all the answers you need for your business. 
(Realistic?  Not sure but how efficient and effective would that be?  And if I shoot for anything less, I'm aiming too low.)

Members of this community will experience:
- A simple, low maintenance goal setting / planning / accountability system (called "Just 3")  to keep you on track week after week

- High quality, low time commitment trainings, new each week, on the most important online business topics

- A network of high quality, valuable contacts that will bring you leads, opportunities, encouragement and accountability

The Collective opens it's doors February 5th.   Sign up to be the first notified and join at our founding member prices.
In the Collective, You Get Honest, Real Answers To Your Most Pressing Business Questions
Every online business owner has new questions every day.  Sometimes they are strategic.  Sometimes technical.  Sometimes obvious.....but all questions are welcome.

And the answers are honest, truthful and from a place of experience, not just the next best guess based on what's trending in social media this season.   
Strong, Healthy Businesses thrive season after season no matter what changes on the internet.​​​​​​​

Here are some examples of questions that have been answered in our community:
Online Business Owners / Coaches / Info Products / Bloggers
How should I price my new online course?
I have 500 people in my free facebook group but I'm not sure what product to offer next.
How do I differentiate between my low priced product / service and my higher end product / service?
Should I be doing insta-stories?  Or can I just skip instagram entirely?
Do I need to have my own online course website or can I use something like Kajabi?
Virtual Professionals / VA's
This prospect is asking for ____________.  How do I respond to that with a quote?  Should I take on that work?
I want to expand my offering here but I'm lacking experience.  How should I explain that when bidding?
How do I setup this contract so that it's a recurring work agreement and not just a one time project?
What exactly should I be blogging as a VA?  Not many people are visiting my website.
How do I transition to offering some online products such as templates or trainings?
eCommerce / physical products / Shopify / Etsy
Should I also offer this on Amazon, as well as my Shopify store?
How can I get a better conversion on upsells after they add to cart?
How can I expand my product line with more drop ship products than t-shirts?
Should I start offering my own produced products and shipping myself?
Mentoring Matters
Most female online business owners are missing a mentor in their lives.
Some of you may have been blessed with a strong female mentor in your day job.  Others feel the pain of that gap in their life.  I've been blessed over and over by mentoring women in business for many years now. 

I'm 45 as of this writing with 20+ years of experience in all forms of business, especially online.   Can I be your mentor?

Personal development is a big key in running your own business and through a mom-business-life modified approach, we bring that here in the Collective.
Personal Development Topics
Notice I didn't say mindset?  Or manifesting?  Those aren't my favorite words but I do admire those are digging into that space.   I simply believe it takes more than that to grow a successful online business and family at the same time.   

It takes a good business strategy, it takes a productive way of getting things done, it takes expertise in something and then..... we need to be constantly learning and growing as a person to overcome the barriers we will face.

Here are a few example topics we've covered with my members:

People Pleasing
Why it hinders or lives and businesses and how to dig into what's underneath it.
Over Goaling
My made up word for why we never accomplish everything on our to do list
Paralysis Analysis
What's keeping you from making that decision and taking action?
Better, Faster, Decision Making
So much time is lost as we waffle on decisions, or even avoid and ignore the need to make them.
Mom Guilt
At no age does this stop sticking it's head into the picture.   But it can be vaporized and leveraged into a positive WHY for what we do.
Money Fears
Why do you tremble when you press send on a bid?   Why do you hesitate to raise prices?  Why do you avoid invoicing and balancing the business books?   Money is a tricky little beast and an energy sucker.   But we can get over those issues.
Who are my mentors?
That's a good question.  Because we each have our own framework to see life and a unique value system.  I'm not here to press mine on you but to help you learn to more clearly define yours.

Through book summaries (because we don't have time to read ALL of them), TED talks, light bulb moments and journaling suggestions, we address our personal development needs in the collective without shame, guilt or embarrassment.   (I can promise you that I feel each one of those at times as well.  It's natural.)

Who are some of my favorites to turn to for personal development? 
Here's a short list to give you an idea of my philosophy:
Dr. Caroline Leaf, Graham Cooke, Gary VayNerchuk, Harvard Business Review, Marie Forleo, Todd Herman, Brene Brown, Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Dr. Henry Cloud
The Community For Women Business Owners Who Want.... 

Strategic Guidance for your Online Business.

Accountability and Support to stay focused and unstuck.

Templates and tools to make your Online Marketing WORK.

A place to ask questions and get quick, expert answers.

Implementation support for those annoying hurdles.

A network of online professionals that will grow your business.

All with a dose of family-first understanding of designing a business that works for you.
Led by Lori Mercer
Online Business Owner.  Non-profit founder.  Virtual Professional.  Mom of 4.  20 year corporate escapee.

Lori's strengths in business strategy, technology and online marketing match to her giant heart for women in business who juggle family and crave flexibility.

Lori's business experiences include:

- Behind the scenes strategy, implementation and marketing of large online businesses such as,,, and

- Founding and growing from a tiny, baby blog to a thriving non-profit with well over 100,000 followers and 20,000 email subscribers

- Operating multiple Shopify storefronts with drop-ship products 

- Operating with her husband over the years a Cross-Fit gym, Trucking Business and Landscape / Snow removal business (Firefighters ALL have side jobs!)

- Opening up new technology development centers in Europe and Asia as part of her corporate experience

- Designing suites of products in both corporate and the online business world from zero to launch - defining branding, target audience, marketing launches and product design.

- Writing the current top book for firefighters and their families - Honor & Commitment - which has sold t
housands of copies.

In the Collective you have access to Lori's library of resources, her network of experts (who often come to her with those high dollar virtual work opportunities) and office hours to get one-on-one attention to your questions.

The Collective opens in February.  Be the first to know about our founding member special offers.